Mega Offer On Data Science and Data Engineering Workshop

Data Science and Data Engineering Crash Course

About This Course

To many Data Science and Artificial Intelligence is a mysterious thing involving some kind sorcery. Well, it’s absolutely pure science which you can master if you are passionate about it. This course is targeted at people working in Information Technology field who don’t have much time to learn about Data Science and Data Engineering. In this crash course we will remove the mystery surrounding Data Science, get your hands started working on this discipline which might help you get a better career with better pay. So if you are interested read on.

What You Need To Bring

Students are encouraged to bring their laptop, we will be providing wifi. We encourage you to work along with us wherever possible.


Data Science Syllabus

Whats Data Science? (1 hr)

Where its been used?

Solving Crime
Mechanical Systems
Computer Security
Defence Industry
Urban Planning

Job Potential
What you need to get started

Data Science Tools (1 hr)



NumPy (Numerical Python) (1 hr)
Pandas (1 hr)
Data Visualisation (1 hr)


Data Collection (1 hr)
Scrapping the web
Textual Data

Natural language processing (1 hr)
NLP tools

Machine Learning (2 hr)
What is it?
Supervised Learning
Unsupervised Learning
Neural Networks

Deploying Machine Learning Solutions (1 hr)
Handling Data Science Projects (1 hr)
Mathematics Behind Data Science (1 hr)
Introduction To Data Engineering (1 hr)

Data Engineering Syllabus

Data Engineering Overview

Data Storage (1 hour)
Introduction to Hadoop Distributed File System(HDFS)
Hands-on with HDFS
Understanding other Storage components/services

Data Ingestion (3 hours)
Introduction to Apache Sqoop
Hands-on with Apache Sqoop
Introduction to Apache Flume
Hands-on with Apache Flume
Introduction to Apache Kafka
Hands-on with Apache Kafka

Data Processing (5 hours)
Introduction to MapReduce
Hands-on with MapReduce
Introduction to Apache Hive
Hands-on with Apache Hive
Introduction to Spark SQL
Hands-on with Spark SQL
Introduction to Spark Structured Streaming
Hands-on with Spark Structured Streaming

Data Visualization (1 hour)
Introduction to Data Visualization
Hands-on with Data Visualization Python Packages

Building End to End Data Pipeline[Real Time Project] which involves many Big Data technologies. (2 hour)

Happy Learning !!!

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