Data Engineer Preparation Program | Data Engineering

Agenda for Data Engineer Preparation Program

Month 1: Fundamentals of Apache Hadoop with Hands-On

Month 2: Fundamentals of Apache Spark with Hands-On

Month 3: Proof of Concept (POC), Real-time Project using Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Preparation Program to become Data Engineer (Big Data, Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, NoSQL and other Big Data technologies)

Question 1: Who can be part of this preparation program?
Answer: Fresher or anyone who is new to Big Data technologies.

Question 2: What is the duration of this preparation program?
Answer: 3 months, again based on your interest level you can finish it fast.

Question 3: Do I need to have an any prior knowledge on programming or any other software/tool/framework?
Answer: No. If you know SQL (Structured Query Language) or any programming (Python) knowledge is advantage. But I would say, "learning intention" is the skill you need.

Question 4: What is the hardware prerequisite for this preparation program?
Answer: At least laptop/desktop with 8GB RAM, 50 to 100 GB free space in HDD (Hard Disk Drive), any good processor OR if you have very less configuration system, then look out for some cloud instance option.

Question 5: What is the software prerequisite for this preparation program?
Answer: Yes. We will install required software as the preparation program starts.

Question 6: What is the structure of this preparation program?
1. Video tutorial (it will be simple and step-by-step process) will be provided to you through YouTube channel almost every week day (Monday to Friday).
2. Required software installation material will be provided to you.
3. Need you need to practise the programs/queries (similar like SQL) everyday.
4. We will be having online session on every weekend (Saturday 08:00 AM to 09:00 AM IST, Sunday 08:00 AM to 09:00 AM IST) to discuss and learn more about the topics which are covered on that week (Monday to Friday).
5. Proof of Concept (POC), Real-time Project will be done as part of preparation program.

Question 7: Are you going to train us on Data Engineering (Big Data, Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, etc.)?
Answer: No. I don't want to train you, rather I want to guide you, that is what lagging in this field. Many people join the course by paying money and study for 1 or 2 months, then they are left out alone (most cases). No proper guidance is provided, because of that people are not able to get the job. It is my humble opinion.

Question 8: Will you be providing us the Proof of Concept (POC), Real-time Project with source code?
Answer: No. You will be developing it; I will be guiding you to develop it.

Question 9: Can we post our issues or doubts or clarifications if that comes during the practise or software installation on WhatsApp group?
Answer: No. Because it is very difficult for me to answer/clarify your queries/issues in WhatsApp group due to various work commitments. We have a larger community forum/platform to discuss about the issues or doubts/clarifications that you have it. We are happy to help you. Our community forum URL is

Question 10: Will you be able to give us the job after the preparation program?
Answer: No. I will guide you to get the job. You itself will be in a position to get a job if you are focused and prepared well. I am very sure on that. Everyone believes preparation makes perfect.

Question 11: Whether we need to pay for weekend online session?
Answer: No. It is FREE.

[Question 12]: If you think, No, this is not going to work out for me. So I am not interested. What should I do?
Answer: Ok fine, I respect your decision. You can move on and ignore us.

We will be starting our first session on Sunday, 1st September 2019 at 08:00 to 09:00 AM IST. I am looking forward to it.

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